Raising kids…

I think there is nothing more exciting, scary, fulfilling, and worrysome than raising kids. 

It’s incredible the amount of information a youngster can hold.   They have things figured out better than adults do most of the time. 

What does it mean to have the faith of a child? I can learn a lot from my kids. They are not run down by out of reach goals and objectives. For kids the sky is not the limit.

This is something I’ve really come to admire. As parents we pump our kid full of positive feed. This is certainly good. Up to the point that they start to believe it… Let me clarify; positive and encouraging words are important, more than that, they are vital in the life of a child.  These positive words begin with relation to physical appearance alone. After all, there’s not many character traits in an infant to gloat about. Eat, sleep, poop… at least they’re really cute.

The problem stems from our kids growing older and beginning to believe that physical appearance is most important. Its not. At some point as parents we need to shift into character compliments rather than simply physical.  This is difficult to do because it takes more work. 

Ideas from Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe… in my own words:
Evaluating vs. Believing.
Childen simply believe. They don’t look at every detail, analyze according to thier feelings based on past hurts or scientific data, they just believe without evaluating the situation.

Evaluation concludes according to man, a child-like faith concludes according to belief… it means you don’t have all the answers before belief can take place.

I accepted Christ in third grade. I didn’t totally understand everything about God, I didn’t know the Bible forward and backward… I didn’t need to in order to be saved. I accepted Gods gift and the rest comes with time. I still don’t know the Bible like I should. But that fiesta keep me from believing and trusting God. 

Concluding thought:  I can thrive with uncertainties, I am hopeless attempting to know EVERYTHING before I believe.


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