Life is so precious. Life is a gift of God. True life is found in Jesus Christ alone.

I just spent 15 minutes reviewing a more detailed look at Friday’s school shooting and I am greived.

Many things come to mind. While many think we need to work hard at gun control, I think:

-Parents need to step up to the plate and be parents. The shooters home life riddled with divorce and suppressed issues are a huge part of this outburst.

-Christians need to step up to the plate and be disciples. I have already recieved a note from my kids school talking about the incident. Sadly, prayer was only mentioned at the end almost as a last resort. I believe its our only option at getting through this. As a youth pastor I will be working with my kids school this week personally.
-Students in school need to love and support each other. As a youth pastor I have come to realize what I also know from school myself; kids are just mean. Rarely is there an individual who is mean, but in a group setting things change.

-Christian students need to start a movement in their schools. Less self-focus, more God-focus. Less selfishness, more selflessness. Less popularity contests, more making God famous.
Less fitting in, more standing out.

In light of this tragedy, how will you let it change you?

My prayers are over the families of the victims and the students and families of the school. May God make good out of the evil that has prevailed.


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