I’ve always been about music. I love it. Actually, I love to play more than I like to listen to it.

I have been part of numerous bands; high school, college, and now post college. Styles have ranged from straight-edge punk/ska to jazz/rock and worship bands all in between.

Now after working in ministry for almost ten years, seven in a pastoral role, we’ve dreamed up the idea to start numerous bands from within our church.

Sounds cool, it even gets me excited. I wanna play, I want to write, I want to be successful… But with every venture in music I have ever had I’ve always been slowed down by one thing…

Christian Music Industry.

Should that really be an industry?
I feel strongly it should be a lifestyle. I have seen too many bands, even worship bands that I took part in starting, that began with prayer and a specific mission and vision… ALL end because of cockiness, arrogance, and pride. They became about the band or the music… the fame or the status… Losing sight of the very purpose for their existence.

And it’s easy to do, both as a band and as an individual.

Pride is the #1 destructive force for Christians in our cuture. Gone unchecked and it will take you out.

Most don’t even recognize it. Especially not ‘Christian’ bands, afterall, they are under the umbrella of the Christian Music Induatry title. We must have it together.

I feel stongly and would stake my life on the principle of the local church, because its Biblical. The problem with any Christian Industry is its disconnection to a local body.

I know they exist, but bands with that vision are few and far between.
Casting Crowns is one. And I’m not a huge fan of their music but the heart of this artist captures me. I have seen them in concert only to be invited mid-concert to a youth leader workshop with Mark Hall. They also adjust their schedule to be at church Sunday, their own church, cause its that important.

Thats admirable.

Up&Coming may not even be our official name, but the band I started through the ministry of Wellspring Church embrasses that name… we will always be up and coming, never having arrived until we see Jesus face-to-face.

Its not that we are the next best band on the market… Rather, we’ll never suceed outside of God’s blessing and gifting, NEVER.

Why write this? Because it holds me accountable.

That sums up the ministry of Wellspring… Making Disciples, not popularity, not elevation of anyone but the name Jehovah God.

God be praised.


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