I am honored.


I feel so honored tonight in so many ways. Week two of playing the Holland Street Performer Series… I learned a lot, and was reminded of many things.

1) I am on assignment by God to not only know Him, but to serve Him in a full time capacity.

2) As part of that assignment I get to take part in what’s happening in Vietnam thanks to the vision and mission of Pastor Gary and Wellspring Church. (thanks for your love, mentorship, and forever friendship).

3) I have parents and family that love and support me always. (thanks mom for the $20). Your support, in all ways not just money, will always be remembered and honored.

4) I live in a free country. No one stopped me from playing music for God, collecting money for missions…  Its time I/we start taking advantage of this great honor rather take it for granted.

5-547) I don’t think you wanna hear them all… But I am blessed… trust me I counted, SO SHOULD YOU.

Two more Thursdays in August at the Holland.Street Performer.Series… Come show your support.


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  1. And I am honored to have you for a son! Couldn’t be more blessed. Mom

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